SugarHillco specializes in high quality digital art and illustration for digital scrapbook kit designers & more! The store was founded in 2010 by Miss Tiina, who spent a decade+ growing it into one of the most well-known and well-respected sellers of high-quality digital designer resources in the industry. SugarHillco became a division of The Digital Press in early-2021.


START HERE — If you have any questions regarding a product, licensing or usage of a product, or individual order/download issues — please reach out to the individual designer of that product first, using the contact links you’ll find HERE.

NEXT STEP — If, however, you have broad questions that are not specific to one designer/one product… and/or you have encountered difficulty with an order that cannot be solved by one designer (i.e. an order from multiple designers in our store, etc.), please contact our customer service team. We will get back to you as soon as we can (typically within 24-48 hours).



Q — Can’t login or reset your password?

A — As of February 2021 — if you haven’t yet logged into SugarHillco since our server switch and merge with The Digital Press, you’ll need to re-register (unless you were already a customer of TDP before the merge, in which case you can use your TDP account to shop in the SugarHillco store). Otherwise, if you already have a TDP shop account, and you’re still having trouble — please contact us to have it reset manually by a member of our customer service team. Note: If you have already done this and have not received a response, it may be due to your email address provider blocking our domain (rare, but it happens). In this event, please contact us again using a different account (such as gmail instead of yahoo, etc.) …or you can also contact us using the private message feature on our Facebook page.

Q — Can I do whatever I want with the digital files I purchase from SugarHillco?

A — NO, you definitely cannot; please read the individual Terms of Use for any designer in our shop BEFORE purchasing an item from her catalog (each designer’s terms can be found on our TEAM PAGE). Refunds will not be given if you fail to do so and end up unable to use our products in your desired project.

Q — How long will my purchases be available for download?

A — All download links are active and available forever* in the ‘Account History’ within your shop account (*as long as the product is still available for sale in the shop). If the product is ever retired or otherwise removed from the store, the downloads associated with it will be available for an additional 30 days after the last date it is available in the shop. After that, the links will be removed from our server. Please be sure to download, unzip, and check your purchases in a timely manner after first purchasing a product, to be sure the files have transferred to your computer successfully. Do not plan on storing your files on our server and downloading as-needed, because those files will disappear if/when products retire or are removed from the shop. You are responsible for backing up your files and we strongly encourage this!

Q — Will you refund my purchase?

A — Because our products are digital downloads, we only offer refunds for instances of duplicate purchases where we can find proof that the product was already purchased by that customer (it helps us if the customer can direct us to 2 different order #s that both contain the item on the same customer account).

Q — I purchased a product that’s not compatible with my software; now what?

A — Due to the digital nature of our product offerings — and because our product listings state the file types that are included with a product — we are unfortunately unable to offer any refunds if you purchase something you ultimately cannot use. Be sure to clearly read the product descriptions before you purchase. Should you have any further questions that are not answered by the product description, you can always contact the designer of that product and ask beforehand.


Please be sure to read each designer’s terms of use before purchasing a product, as each artist has her own terms that allow different uses. It is important to understand the terms associated with a product before purchasing, because not everyone allows the same usages. You can view each designer’s terms by selecting the – icon below her name/photo on our TEAM INFO PAGE.

Please note: If you fail to follow our terms, we will ask you to change or remove any related products you may be selling. Additionally, you may also be billed for unpaid extended licensing fees.

Our site terms allow for one account per person. Your Shop account is only to be used by you and download links and files are never to be shared. Persons found violating this rule may be subject to having their account disabled and ultimately being banned from the SugarHillco site.


SugarHillco is a division of The Digital Press, and as such it is subject to (and follows) the same privacy guidelines and practices that can be found in The Digital Press’s privacy notice. SugarHillco’s web site is a sub-domain of (specifically: All privacy information found within that notice is applicable to SugarHillco, as well.