After more than a decade of being your go-to for quality commercial use products, SugarHillco will be closing its virtual doors in early-April 2023 (specifically, at 11:59pm PT on Sun 4/2).

Between now and then, it will be “business as usual” (modified slightly). We will still have New Releases on Fridays (on sale for the entire first week those items are in the shop). We will also be running a month-long “CU MARCH MADNESS” promotion, in which our designers will release some fantastic limited-edition money-saving bundles that are each available for ONE WEEK ONLY (swapping in/out each Friday… on 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, and 3/24). Make sure you grab these offers while they’re available, because once they’re gone — they’re really gone*!

*some products will be relocated to other stores, but many products will be permanently retiring at the end of 4/2



  • TIMING — Our store will close at 11:59pm PT on Sunday 4/2. This will be the last time you can make a purchase; please do not wait until the very last second to empty your wishlist/cart on 4/2, as we expect our site to be very busy that day, and server glitches or PayPal hiccups could be the difference between getting that last purchase completed, or not.
  • DOWNLOADS — Please make sure you download ALL of your purchases before the end of the day on Friday, April 7 (11:59pm ET). Our download server will shut down at that time, and downloads will not longer be available. We are intentionally leaving the download server running for 5 days past the last date that purchases can be made, to ensure that everyone has time to download all of their digital goodies.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES — If you have any remaining gift certificate balances, please make plans to spend those balances between now and the end of 4/2 (again, 11:59pm PT on 4/2 is the last time that any purchases will go through). Please do not purchase any additional gift certificates, unless you plan to spend their full balance on/before the end of 4/2.
  • COUPONS — If you have any coupon codes in your possession, whether issued by the store OR by individual designers… please make sure you use those coupon codes between now and the end of 4/2 (11:59pm PT on 4/2).
  • BACKUP YOUR FILES — As has always been the case, it is the responsibility of each customer to backup their digital purchases on their own computers / external hard drives / cloud-based storage / etc. This becomes especially important as we approach the download deadline of 4/7 (11:59pm ET on 4/7/2023)… because from that point forward, it will be impossible to download any of your previously-purchased files from SugarHillco. We’ve always had a policy of “your downloads are available in your account forever, as long as those products are still available for sale in the shop” …and as a result, we know some of our customers have always viewed their account at SugarHillco as a form of “backup storage”. Please don’t rely on this; backup your files on another medium, because after 4/7 we will not be able to help anyone out with file recovery.



If at any point, you need to contact a member of our site staff (i.e. something that can’t be handled by an individual designer or isn’t related to one person’s products, etc.)… you can do so through one of the following means (listed in priority order of how quickly we tend to get the messages delivered to us):



We will be updating this space with information about how to follow the designers from SugarHillco who will be continuing their careers in this industry elsewhere. Please use the following contact information to join these designers’ newsletters and to follow them on social media, etc.

  • Bekah E Designs — will be moving product catalog to The Studio (now open!)
  • Erin’s Mixed Media & More — will be moving product catalog to her Etsy store (now open!)
  • GS Creations — will be moving product catalog to The Lilypad (now open!)
  • KimB Designs — WILL BE RETIRING PRODUCT CATALOG (may possibly add to her website in future)
  • Laura Passage — WILL BE RETIRING PRODUCT CATALOG (may possibly add to her website in future)
  • Miss Tiinaproduct catalog will be available at her own website
  • Rachael’s Scraps — will be moving product catalog to __________*
  • Wendy Page — will be moving product catalog to Oscraps (now open!)

*TO BE ANNOUNCED here once SugarHillco closes & the designer is ready to announce her new online home

Wishing you sweetness always,
The Sugar Girls