Pennysaver is a bi-annual event that only takes place at SugarHillco each February and August. For one month only, we add over a hundred products into the category for just $2/ea — a batch at a time, each Friday — making it a great time to try out a new-to-you designer or a commercial use designer resource that differs from your norm (and/or simply a great time to stock up on goodies from your favorite CU-OK designers!).

We invite you to come check it out during February 2023, and enjoy the deals!




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As of February 2021, SugarHillco became a division of The Digital Press. This was an exciting change, as it gave us a chance to upgrade a bunch of our systems — including our server and our shopping cart software.

Post-merge, you are still able to find us at our URL of — same as always — but our sales transactions are now processed through TDP’s shopping cart system, and you’ll notice that your invoices and payment statements (on credit card line-items/etc.) now read “The Digital Press”.

Products purchased prior to February 2021 are no longer available to download from our server (as we completely changed servers); all purchases from February 2021 and forward, however, can be accessed as long as the product is still available for sale in the store. Once an item is retired or removed, customers have an additional 30 days to download that item before it is removed from the server. As always, however, it is still each customer’s responsibility to back up their files/product purchases and not rely on SugarHillco to act as a backup service.




If you haven’t shopped since the merge in early-2021, here’s what you need to know…

If you were already a customer at The Digital Press, pre-merge… you’re all set! Just navigate to the SugarHillco commercial use shop HERE, load your cart, and check-out as always.

If you were NOT already a customer at TDP before February 2021… you can quickly and easily register HERE (make sure you use a valid e-mail address, to ensure you receive your invoices and download links) …and then you’ll find the entire SugarHillco commercial use shop HERE.

Questions or issues? Check our FAQ page and/or contact a member of our design team to ask a question!

Wishing you sweetness always,
The Sugar Girls